MS Access Application Developer
Margaret Leatherman, CEO

Green Cat Data Design (led by Microsoft Access developer Margaret Leatherman) brings friendly, practical innovation in software design to organizations across central and northeast Ohio.

Data technology should conform to your needs – not the other way around. Here at Green Cat, we design data solutions around the way you work. First, we get a clear understanding of your processes and your problems – then we work with you to design a robust, easy-to-use solution, making sure your business functions at its best.

This includes:

  • Expanding capabilities of an existing data environment
  • Data entry solutions, such as form or field enhancements
  • Connecting people to data across an organization
  • Updating applications to meet changes in regulations
  • Reporting automation

Our priority is to develop data solutions that fit both your needs and your budget. Sometimes that means we customize your existing Microsoft Access to increase its depth and efficiency. Other times it makes sense to design a software application for you. Either way our priority is always you – to solve your data problems and exceed your expectations.

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