Educational Institutions


Situation:                 Custodial Services needed database application to track attendance, vacation, holiday, etc. for custodial and payroll department.

Actions:                     Designed, developed and facilitated an MS Access application to track approximately 200 custodial employee absences for this Public School system.  Set up tables and relationships to ensure the database was properly                                                 normalized which improved the performance by 50%.  Created reports to detail the weekly absences and to seamlessly feed into the Payroll process with employee absence information.

Outcome:                 We developed a customized database application that is more user-friendly and robust.   Increased data entry time by 25% and increased accuracy by 70%. The new application replaced a slow manual system.

Situation:                Certification Access Database not producing correct information because business rules had changed.  This application had been written by another company but company not responsive.

Actions:                   Worked with staff to understand and review existing Access application.  Added VBA code to correct some errors as well as add needed functionality to produce certification results as per updated rules.

Outcome:                Correct reports used for Certification awards.   Accuracy of reporting increased 100 percent.